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Archive for May, 2012

Video Game High School

VGHS is a web series created by Freddie Wong (FreddieW), Brandon Laatsch, and Matt Arnold. It revolves around a young man in the near future when gaming is the worlds biggest professional sport who gets to attend VGHS.

Its a great series because Freddie and Brandon always do great work, check out their YouTube Channel but whats more unique is how they got funding for the project. They started a kickstarter and raised $273,725 to date. WOW!

Whats really interesting is that this is becoming a trend with independent film and video game projects, creators are going directly to fans instead of having to go through a major production company. This allows for more creativity and versatility on the part of the creator and is opening doors for people who haven’t made it in the “industry”.

Watch the trailer below and then click the link below to visit their website and watch the first episode. I would also checkout the kickstarter page, it has some great stuff and might just inspire you to start your own project.

YouTube Preview Image

Watch Episode 1

Visit the KickStarter Page

SourceFed addresses the KickStarter phenomenon in the video below:

YouTube Preview Image