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About Me

Abdullah Jangda was born and raised in Arlington, TX. At a young age he traveled to Karachi, Pakistan to study Quran at Jamia Binoria an Islamic educational institution until 2001. He graduated from high school at the age of 15. Currently he is pursuing a bachelors at the University of Texas at Arlington. Along with his education Abdullah became interested in media and works in videography and web design. He established Salam Studios, his media company, in 2009. Abdullah has worked with Bayyinah Institute since 2009  as a coordinator and as their official media partner. Abdullah along with his brother is one of the founding members of Qalam Institute and is the operations manger. He is also actively involved with the Mansfield Islamic Center where he leads prayers. He has been leading Taraweeh prayers at various Islamic Centers in the Dallas area for 7 years.