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Congress Tries to Censor the Internet!

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Write to your Congressman:

An explanation by Philip DeFranco

Director Darren Aronofsky makes Anti-Meth PSA’s

Director Darren Aronofsky most popularly know for making “Requiem for a Dream”, the scariest drug movie ever, has made 4 Anti-Meth PSA’s. They are well directed and really get the message across. Warning, some of these are graphic.

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Review: Margin Call

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I got a chance to watch an early screening of this movie and I thought the writing and acting was pheonominal. I was also very impressed by the rookie director J. C. Chandor, overall a great movie and very real diptiction of what Wall Street really is. Below is a review by Jonathan Crow that I really agree with.

Review by Jonathan Crow

The new movie “Margin Call,” which opens in select cities today, centers on a 24-hour period in a Lehman Brothers-like firm that finds itself on the wrong side of some very bad investments. First time writer-director J. C. Chandor could have made an overblown movie a la Oliver Stone, with clear good guys and villains squaring off in dramatic monologues against the backdrop of Hamptons mansions and private jets. Instead, Chandor, who is the son of a Wall Street stockbroker, offers a much quieter, and, one surmises, realistic, take. The film takes place in the sterile halls and boardrooms of a Manhattan office building. The conversations are tense and hushed. No one is an overt villain, with one exception: Everyone approaches the crisis, which could be ruinous to millions, with a completely amoral logic.

Also if you don’t wanna go to the theaters to watch this you can rent it now on YouTube: CLICK HERE!


Review: Little Mosque on the Prairie


Today my professor made us watch Little Mosque on the Prairie. There are far to many things wrong with this show for me to let it go. In the past I have seen characters use the word Allahu Akbar as a greeting on 24. I have seen characters in the 3rd Rambo use inshAllah as a greeting but one mistake is tolerable, the amount of mistakes this show makes is not. Below is a list of things they got wrong, hope they read this, because if your gonna produce a TV show  I would hope that you would have the budget to hire a real life Muslim to advise you on whats realistic and whats nonsense.

  • The Imam in the show says Salam like my Mom
  • Trying to see the moon out of a telescope
  • The Imam is the most clean shaven guy I haven ever seen
  • The guy leading Salah has THE WORST TAJWEED IN THE WORLD!
  • The Imam can’t pronounce the word Imam
  • Why is there a redneck community in Canada?
  • Not all muslims hate American Idol
  • Muslim communities are more diverse than Caucasian and Nigerian
  • Women in the community don’t openly hit on the Imam
  • Last time I checked Rayyan is a guys name
  • When someone walks into the masjid mid salah the whole congregation doesn’t turn around and look

I can go on and on about this show but I don’t wanna spend that much time on it and I don’t wanna watch anymore of it to find mistakes. The only thing I could find that was accurate was that they couldn’t afford to pay the Imam.

Canon 1D X: The New Most Epic DSLR Ever

There are a lot of reasons the 1D X might be the most ridiculous DSLR ever made, but the numbers seem like a good place to start. A full-frame 18-megapixel sensor with the biggest pixels ever in a Canon DSLR. ISO 204,800. 12fps RAW shooting. 61-point autofocus. Three DIGIC image processors. One gigabit ethernet port.

There’s a lot here, so I hope you’re sitting somewhere comfortable.

Read the rest here at Gizmodo



L.A. Vlog Series

A series of vlogs I shot during my trip to L.A. last weekend. Featuring IOK, Shaykh Nooman Baig, Imam Zaid Shakir, Imam Tahir Anwar, and others.

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Steve Jobs Tribute

A cool tribute video for Steve Jobs made by Pantless Knights

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MysteryGuitarMan: Beat It – Michael Jackson with MadPad

Awesome video made by Joe Penna aka MysteryGuitarMan. Loop musical video made with the iPad app MadPad

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Bullet Time

A behind the scenes look and discussion with John Gaeta, Visual Effects Supervisor for The Matrix(1999) about Bullet Time, a form of cinematography that uses a large number of still camera’s all capturing at the same time in a 360 motion around the subject.

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Here is a commercial for Rip Curl made by Timeslice Films using the same method.

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They explain their shoot in this video.

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This video shows how even 10 years later the visual effects that were used in the Matrix were grounding breaking and revolutionary.