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Posts tagged ‘after effects’

Video Copilot: Demon Cam

YouTube Preview Image

Video copilot made an amazing video that is a short film and also serves as a commercial for their new iPhone App, a great video with amazing VFX (awesome use of their own Lens Flare plugin) and an ingeniousness marketing idea!

Element 3D

Video Copilot is creating a new plugin that they will be releasing soon called ELEMENT 3D. This thing is amazing! It is a massive 3D rendering engine that runs extremely fast on moderate graphics cards, objects react to AE lighting, ambient occlusion, 3d model deformation, Material Options, Depth of Field, Motion blur, 3D Fog and much more, and it can render 3D TEXT OBJECTS AND LOGOS! Another amazing feature is because it renders real 3D geometrically based objects that wire-frame and what not, you can import object templates from software’s like Cinema 4D or Blender! It is really an incredible software that I think will take After Effects and motion graphics to the next level. Another unbelievable part of this all is that they will be retailing it for ONLY $149!!!! That’s amazing because normally to create such real 3D animation you need a expensive software such as Cinema 4D or a complex one like Blender, but this gives you real 3D rendering in After Effects so you can integrate it with your other motion graphic elements like camera tracking, color correction, chroma keying and a thousand other possibilities!

Go over to Video Copilot and watch the demo!