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Keep Calm and Pray On


Yesterday I went for Isha to a Masjid that I don’t frequent much anymore, the reason why I started attending a different center is a long story for another day but I can tell you what happened at Isha.

Salah started same as usual, then about 30 seconds in a kid starts crying for his dad. His crying quickly turned into howling and yelling, this continued all throughout Salah and luckily the Imam decided to read some long Surah’s that day so Salah lasted a good 20 minutes. Now when Salah finally finished is when the fun began, right away of course people were on their feet yelling and shouting at the father of the boy and a mob started to gather around the man, they began to yell obscenities, telling him that he should’ve broken his prayer and walked away, that he shouldn’t come to the masjid if he can’t keep his kid quite along with a number of other unsavory insults. Now as it turns out the man was praying in the first row in the far most corner of the masjid making it impossible for him to make the proposed getaway, and to top it off the brother was using crutches.

Not kidding, he really was disabled.

When everyone realized the predicament he was in, a second mob started to gather in his defense. Shouting obscenities at the other side, saying, “How could you yell at a cripple!”, “Don’t you have any mercy!”, “Where are parents suppose to go if they are not welcome in the masjid!” and so on. Once the yelling reached a climax, the Imam and some elders were able to break it up and dissipate the crowd but the angriest of the mob continued arguing with each other all the way to the door. Long after the father had left the masjid I might add. Once they got outside, yelling lead to cussing which eventually lead to a shoving match. At that point you had a bunch of uncles shoving and slap-boxing each other in the parking lot and it was only a matter of time until one of the sissy fighting uncles mustered up the courage to throw a punch. Luckily the masjid admin was called in time to stop the fight from escalating.

Now through this entire ordeal I stood by and observed the situation trying to figure out what went wrong and started this chain reaction, admittedly I also laughed a little. I wondered, was the parent to blame, was it the mobs fault for yelling and shouting, was it the other mobs fault who came to the defense of the parent, or maybe it was the Imam’s fault for taking so long with Isha. I realized no one party was to blame; the parent first of all should have had more common sense. Parents have every right to bring their children to the Masjid; they should bring them to the Masjid. I have fond memories of my dad and older brother taking me for Salah when I was young and I cherish those memories, it’s important for the development of any young boy or girl. However, when you as a parent know you have a rowdy child and a disability, you should have the common sense to not get trapped in the most isolated corner of the masjid. He should have prayed towards the back where if needed he could easily get away or at the least he should have consoled his son during Salah or at the very least distracted the boy by giving him a cell phone or something. Secondly, yelling and screaming at the man right after prayer accomplished nothing besides making a few uncles feel better. By causing that scene they wiped away any good they did by coming to the masjid, completely destroyed the sanctity of the masjid they were so angrily defending and effectively drove that man and his son away from the masjid. Lastly, if your going to jump in to defend the parent, then shouting, cussing and getting into fights with the opposing mob isn’t a solution. What would have been helpful is to calmly explain everything and deescalate the situation. Instead, they dropped down to the level of their opponents and turned a verbal argument into a physical fight.

It boils down to this much; this situation could’ve been avoided with a little bit of patience and common sense. I think that’s really at the core of the issue. So take head from this cautionary tale and in the future, keep calm and pray on.

Knoxville Vlogs Series

I recently went to Knoxville, TN with my family to visit a friend, AbdelRahman Murphy who is the new Youth Director for the Muslim Community of Knoxville. Below is the vlog series I filmed while there. I vlogged our daily activities along with some previews of the lectures I will be posting soon on Salam Studios. Enjoy!

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Director Darren Aronofsky makes Anti-Meth PSA’s

Director Darren Aronofsky most popularly know for making “Requiem for a Dream”, the scariest drug movie ever, has made 4 Anti-Meth PSA’s. They are well directed and really get the message across. Warning, some of these are graphic.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Qiyam Vlog

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Life in a Day

In Flanders Fields

“In Flanders Fields” is one of the most notable poems written during World War I.  It has been called “the most popular poem” produced during that period. For more information on the poem click here.

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.


Ever since I began doing media work I have been the video guy, but I have always had an interest in photography, those of you who follow me on Twitter know this due to my incessant Twitpicing. I am by no means a pro or even an amateur photographer, but I enjoy it and hopefully will get better at it, in the meantime I take pictures wherever I see a nice shot with my trusty iPhone 4. So if your interested check out my photo page, maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t.

Tire Troubles

Its obvious from the title that I had a flat tire, but due to the circumstances it was an interesting experience. I was on my way to the airport to pick someone up and I got the flat tire on the highway on a ramp. At this point I attempted to change the tire in 104 degree temperature with a jack that was pretty much broken. However after 20 minutes and completely burned hands I was done. I got to the airport picked up my passenger and headed back. Here’s where it gets worse, on the way back my spare popped, so there I am sitting on the side of the highway with a blown tire and no spare. Of course I called someone and they came and picked us up. I took one of the tires with me, went to a tire shop, got it replaced, came back and put it on, then I took the car back to the tire shop to get the rest of my tires checked out and to get a new spare. But all of that is not the point of this post, I’m pretty sure no one cares that I had a  flat tire, the point of this post is that through this experience I learned 3 valualbe lessons. 1 Owning a car means more than just driving it, you have to care for and maintain the car. 2 In situations like these people get very agitated and frustrated, but even in that state of frustration we should remember not only as good Muslims but as decent human beings that it is a freak accident which is no ones fault and pointing fingers and blaming one another does no one any good. 3 Everyone should have a AAA membership!

My New Machine!

For some time now I had wanted to buy a desktop for video editing. I had been putting it off since I had my laptop to edit with but if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you know that it was recently stolen.So now it finally time to invest and buy a editing machine, but since I was going to put a decent amount of money into it, I did my research. More…

I Got Jacked! Again!

As many of you know my laptop was stolen about a month ago, well it happened again, I was working out and my wallet and car keys fell out of my pocket. When I finished up on that machine and moved to the next I realized my pockets were lighter but when I turned around my things were gone except for a few business cards i had in the flap of my wallet. More…