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Review: Margin Call

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I got a chance to watch an early screening of this movie and I thought the writing and acting was pheonominal. I was also very impressed by the rookie director J. C. Chandor, overall a great movie and very real diptiction of what Wall Street really is. Below is a review by Jonathan Crow that I really agree with.

Review by Jonathan Crow

The new movie “Margin Call,” which opens in select cities today, centers on a 24-hour period in a Lehman Brothers-like firm that finds itself on the wrong side of some very bad investments. First time writer-director J. C. Chandor could have made an overblown movie a la Oliver Stone, with clear good guys and villains squaring off in dramatic monologues against the backdrop of Hamptons mansions and private jets. Instead, Chandor, who is the son of a Wall Street stockbroker, offers a much quieter, and, one surmises, realistic, take. The film takes place in the sterile halls and boardrooms of a Manhattan office building. The conversations are tense and hushed. No one is an overt villain, with one exception: Everyone approaches the crisis, which could be ruinous to millions, with a completely amoral logic.

Also if you don’t wanna go to the theaters to watch this you can rent it now on YouTube: CLICK HERE!


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