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Posts tagged ‘projects’

Dallas Preschool Readiness Project

I recently completed a video project I was working on for the UT Southwestern Medical Center. Before I get into details, let me explain the title. The Dallas Preschool Readiness Project is a research project funded by UT Southwestern, the purpose is to observe and record data on children between the ages of 2 and 4 to determine educational standards and whether or not race and financial status affect a child’s preschool readiness. They are collecting this data by making home visits in which an expert observes and records the child’s behavior. Now comes the part where they brought me in. To properly conduct the study they needed 450 kids to participate, so my video was aimed towards parents and communities, trying to convince them to enroll their kids in the study. More…

Recording One Man Nation Seminar

So the latest of our Qalam Institute classes is One Man Nation: Tafseer of Surah Ibrahim. But the special thing about this class, and no I’m not talking about Nouman Ali Khan you groupies, but rather the fact that Qalam finally has it’s own equipment. More…